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"Eastern gold" chandelier
Dimensions:h.160 d. 140 12+4 luci
Colors:all crystal / gold
rezzonico-style chandelier

12+6 light Rezzonico-style chandelier, 4 uprights, double H, height 160, diameter 140 entirely gold decorated in red, made for a London hotel.

For the manufacture of chandeliers we do not have a catalogue, as our products are nearly always "special projects" designed by the client or architect, with non-standard measurements and decorations or variations chosen by the client.

Every chandelier is created "to measure" for the space in which it will ultimately hang. We do not have "on-site" photos, since we do not usually sell directly but via third parties; however we can provide a key-in-hand service for "special projects", to include technical design, transport and assembly.

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